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Being a part of the WANDERLUST experience you have exclusive access to the following benefits:

|| 1x monthly LIVE Group Call [NEW!]

|| Q&A; Conversations that will Transform you FOREVER

|| Hot-Seat Coaching Opportunities

|| All LIVE Programs and Masterclasses for an Entire Year

|| Quarterly Remote Energy Infusions Filled with Light Codes Specifically for The Women Inside this Community [NEW!]

|| Private FB Group for Deeper Connection and Massive Integration Amplification

|| Year-Long Access to Program Recordings 

|| Lifetime access to ALL Masterclasses held during your time in WANDERLUST

This is a place in which you get to shift and expand profoundly for 12 months - while being surrounded by like hearted women and souls. This year together is going to be absolutely legendary!!

love always,

nadine xxx

PLEASE NOTE: Wanderlust is a 12-month commitment. This container does NOT include 1:1 mentorship, masterminds or in-person events.



$9,000 USD PIF for 1 YEAR ACCESS


$900 USD per MONTH

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This is a space of

pure amplification and integration. This year long experience invites you into the most profound conversations of soul.



Energetics, Embodiment, Mindset, Consciousness, Conscious Relationships, Intimacy, Divine Essence [masculine/feminine], Self- Ownership and Leadership, Soul Sovereignty & Evolution, Your Higher Levels, Ego Dissolvement, Coming home to yourself and your body, Manifestation and sooooo much more…


Nadine Sabathiel is the Founder & Owner of the uniwanderer brand. She is known for being a dimensional Vortex of Consciousness.


She's a sacred essence who was born with a range of extrasensory abilities. Today she serves the leading women who have chosen to deeply integrate and embody their full spectrum of light - ready to experience the meld of your higher levels into their 3D expression.


This presents the core of her work. Nadine's collimation to her essence presence and heart leadership in all that she does is an absolute testament of LOVE. 


Her quantum transmissions and beingness allows you to accelerate into your deepest and most divine remembrance of yourself.


She stands for embodied synchronicity of metaphysical within the physical aspects of oneself. She wanders this plane as a true expression of divine sovereignty and love. Her journey is all about the heart. The very mastery of one's presence. With & within oneself.


This calls my heart